The Thunder Basin Fence Installation Process

  1. Assessment & Estimate
    The process begins by meeting with you, the customer, to go over your fencing needs.  The discussion will cover design, materials, pricing and include a walk through of the project.  We will then provide an estimate for your consideration.

  2. Design
    At this step we meet with all invested parties to confirm the project specifications.  Our design specialists will then visit the site to flag out the fence path and location of posts, braces, gates and any areas requiring special considerations.

  3. Site Prep
    Once the fence is flagged, the site will be prepared for the install.  Earth work, vegetation clearing, and old fence or structure removal will occur at this point.

  4. Build
    With the site prepped, our team will install the fence.  This begins with driving posts and stringing wire and ends once the last gate is completed and closed.

  5. Quality Check
    After the installation team has finished a final walk through will be performed to guarantee quality and specification compliance.  The final step in the process is a meeting with all invested parties, including any government stakeholders, to ensure satisfaction in the finished product.